Tuesday, July 31, 2012

12 km with 2 x 5 min @ 20 km pace

I decided my 20 km pace is 6:20 which means I was looking for 3:10 per 500m in my fast stretches. I did my first fast set at the 1 km mark (my 2nd km took 6:06) whilst I was fresh and my second fast set at the 3 km mark (6:08 for the 4th km). It was drizzling with rain but not windy - pretty good conditions for walking really. I wanted to get back as quickly as possible so decided to do a faster 5 min every second km. (6:26, 6:23, 6:22, 6:50). I didn't achieve this in the last km due to the road crossings but I was happy with my overall time of 1:19:00 for an average pace of 6:35 and an average HR of 149 bpm. This is my best 12 km training time by almost 2 min.

12 km with 2 x 5 min @ 20 km pace

Sunday, July 29, 2012

20 km Training Walk

It's over a month since I've done this distance. I was tired from my sprints yesterday and the fluctuating heart rate shows that I was trying to push myself to get a reasonable pace. I averaged 7:22 / km for the first 10 km but was slowed by the wind on the return journey for an overall time of 2:31:37, an average pace of 7:34 and an average HR of 129 bpm.

It was a lovely day and there were lots of people out walking, running and cycling which made for a congested path.

20 km Training Walk

Saturday, July 28, 2012

3 km Fartlek, 4 min rec, 5 x 400 m with 2 min recovery

I spent 3 hours this morning walking around the streets of Khandallah delivering a Green Party newsletter so I wasn't sure if I would manage any speed in this workout.

A football match was happening in the middle of the track as I did my training. A few runners were doing workouts too so I didn't feel out of place.  My fartlek felt like hard work and I thought my first slower 500 m seemed a bit slow so I was pleased to finish the 3 km in under 18 min.

I haven't done 400 m reps for a couple of years so didn't know how well I would do on these. I hoped to get close to 2:00 laps but was quite happy enough with averaging 2:16 given my other walking today.

My splits were:
3:11 + 2 :58 = 6:09
3:09 + 2:54 = 6:03
3 km in 17:58

2:15, 2:15, 2:17, 2:15, 2:18

5 km in 29:17 for an average pace of 5:51 and average HR 156 bpm.

3 km Fartlek and 5 x 400 m

Friday, July 27, 2012

6 x 1 km with 2 min Recovery

Thursday 26 July

This session was on last week's programme but I didn't manage to fit it in. Jim had given me a very light week this week so I decided to give this one a go.  I was hoping to achieve something under 6 min / km, possibly closer to 5:45.

The previous night I had a squash training session of about 40 minutes of squash drills which tends to be pretty tiring for the glutes. I'm not sure if that was the reason but I struggled to get comfortable in this session. My arms felt heavy and achy and each 500m seemed to take an age. I had an extra long break after 2 km to visit the toilets in a local cafe but I wasn't any better after that. There was a bit of wind on the return legs but I know that wouldn't have bothered me on a good day.

I completed the 6 km in 36:48 for an average pace of 6:08 and average HR of 150 bpm. My splits were 6:05, 6:01, 6:07, 5:57, 6:23, 6:14

6 x 1 km with 2 min recovery

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

10 km Training Walk

Although it was a showery day it wasn't raining when I went out and I only felt a few drops of rain during my walk. The wind was not significant so conditions were great for walking.

I tried to concentrate on holding my back foot and pushing off that back toe. I tried to be relaxed but to keep a steady pace. I was pleased to see I was averaging 6:30 pace, about 10 sec/km faster than what I can usually achieve in training. I did make an effort to try and maintain this pace but noticed a drop off in the last km. My time for the 10 km was 65:15 for an average pace of 6:31 and average HR of 160 bpm. My heart rate did something really odd at the start, going up as high as 240. I have never seen it that high before and felt fine at the time.

10 km Training Walk

Sunday 22 July - Masters 6.4 km Road Race

The course for this race includes a steep section that is pushing the limit of my ability to maintain a legal style. It's an unjudged event but I still try to racewalk correctly. I do enjoy the fast downhill section which to some extent makes up for the steep climb.

Ian and John were close behind me on the first lap and John passed me towards the end of the steepest section. As the slope levelled out I increased my speed to regain the lead then took advantage of the downhill to pull away. After that I walked on my own apart from being passed by the runners after my second lap.

I was still recovering from my cold and my butt was a bit sore after my squash match the day before so I didn't go hard out. I finished first in a time of 41:30 with an average pace of 6:32 and an average HR of 160 bpm.  Along with Barbara and Ian we were the first club team and each received a beanie to go along with my bottle of wine for winning.

We enjoyed a chat and a hot lunch in the Olympic clubrooms whilst waiting for the prizegiving.

Wellington Masters 6.4 km

Saturday 21 July - Cancelled training

My squash team were playing a couple of ties this weekend to select a team to represent our district in the national D grade teams competition in September. I was not scheduled to play since I am not a first choice player for the team. Unfortunately our number two player was injured on Friday night and by late morning on Saturday decided she would not be able to play that day.

I got a phone call just as we arrived at the Newtown Park track where I planned to do 3 km fartlek followed by 5 x 400m. It did not make any sense to train before a squash match so I had to cancel my training session. This is one I have not done before and I was looking forward to finding out how I would go. Fortunately it is in my programme for next week so I will still get to give it a try.

Luckily my team mates had the squash tie sewn up before I took the court so the outcome of my match mattered only to my grading. I put up a reasonable performance but lost in 3 sets. Now that the team is off to nationals in Hamilton on 12 - 16 September I will need to fit in at least 3 squash sessions a week.

I didn't get to do my 6 x 1 km on Friday due to pressures of work so I'm hoping to squeeze that into my 'easy' week next week.

Wednesday 18 July - 12 km Training Walk

This session was meant to include 2 x 5 min at 20 km pace but I was just recovering from my sore throat and had not been sleeping well so decided completing 12 km would be effort enough. I took the first three days of the week off work, something I haven't done in the past 15 years. I don't remember having a throat so sore since I was a child. Luckily it went away without me having to see a doctor or take antibiotics.

I wasn't trying to take it easy but just did what I could and the 12 km took 1:35:02 for an average pace of 7:55 and an average HR of 117. I figured I did well to complete the distance with no adverse effects. It was a lovely day and after my walk I went to the zoo with my sister and her granddaughter.

12 km Training Walk

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Weekend Races

Sunday 15 July - Harry Kerr Relay

My throat was now really sore and I could barely make a sound when I got to Mt Smart Stadium to join my team.  I learned that Bob, who I was following, had a hamstring injury and may need to pull out early. That meant I would have to finish his laps as well as doing my own 10 km. I had thought I might struggle to do 10 km but a sore throat is not as disabling as a sore leg.

The Auckland A team members were all capable of going under 60 minutes so we knew our team was in a different class. Auckland B was the only other team in the judged division, with four teams in the unjudged division. We were about 350 m ahead of Auckland B after leg 1 and this reduced to about 300 m during Bob's leg.  I started warming up when Bob started then went inside to keep warm for a while.  I warmed up some more once I learned that Bob was slowing noticeably and it soon become obvious that he would need to stop. I took over at 7.2 km, needing to walk another 7 laps before my own leg started. I concentrated on increasing the distance between myself and the Auckland B walker rather than my actual pace, mindful that I wanted to have enough energy in the tank to finish the full 12.8 km without slowing too much. I managed to lap the third Auckland B walker a few laps after she started and then twice more before I completed my laps. I timed myself over my first 25 laps at 64:09 which I thought was good considering the race the previous day, my sore throat and having to walk the extra 2.8 km. I don't know what my official 10 km time was but it would have been quite a bit slower than that.

I didn't wear my Garmin for this event. I find it a distraction on the track. I don't remember to hit the lap button every time I cross the start/finish and worry that I might get a card when concentrating on my watch rather than my technique. There were 6 or so judges on the track but no board operating and it was only a couple of hours after the finish that I found out I received one penalty. I did receive several warnings including one for lifting but the chief judge was very positive about my improved technique.

Saturday 14 July - 10 km Road Race

The second club championship race was scheduled on the same weekend as the Harry Kerr relay. I requested that the race be moved to another date but the committee decided to leave that date as set. Missing a club championship race is the equivalent of giving up any chance of winning a medal so I decided to race two days in a row.

The plan was to race this one pretty easy - more of a training walk. Once again we were very lucky with the weather. It was a drizzly day but I managed to finish the event without getting wet at all. I started out in third position behind Ian and John and managed to get to the front after two or three laps. Fraser passed me not long after that but he only did 5 km so I found myself in the lead after he finished. John had passed Ian and was not too far behind me so I needed to keep up a reasonable pace to stay ahead of him. I was happy to finish in 66:26 with no cards or warnings, especially when my Garmin tells me the distance was 10.16 km.  I started to develop a sore throat on Friday and was pleased that it had not caused me much problem during the event, apart from needing to take a drink when it got dry.

10 km Road Race


Friday, July 13, 2012

Two Training Sessions

Thursday 12 July -  2 x 2 km + 3 x 1 km with 2 min recovery

I was walking into a moderate wind for the 2 km laps which I found slowed me down quite a lot. With two races this weekend I didn't push too hard but I made a good effort.  Walking the short legs with the wind behind me was much easier. My splits were:  12:38, 12:04, 5:51, 5:55, 6:03 for a total time of 42:37, an average pace of 6:05 and average HR 156 bpm.

2 x 2 km 3 x 1 km with 2 min recovery

Tuesday 10 July - 12 km with 2 x 6 min @ 20 km pace

I walked at a pretty easy pace apart from my fast stretches which were 6:07/km and 6:04/km. There was quite a strong wind but I enjoyed being out on a fine winter's day next to our scenic harbour.  My total time was 1:21:43,  average pace 6:49 and average HR around 150 bpm. I forgot to turn my Garmin off for part of my return to work which was not racewalking.

12 km with 2 x 6 min @ 20 km pace

Sunday, July 8, 2012

16 km Training Walk

The day was fine. cool and calm. We drove to Kilbirnie to watch a young friend play in a national futsal tournament then set out to walk from there.

I decided to walk around the peninsular - pretty much the reverse of an old half marathon course from years ago. I don't walk this way often because of the need to walk on the road for a large part of the way. It's really scenic, starting in the harbour and going over the Pass of Branda towards the open sea.

Philip walked with me for the first 4 km then stopped at a cafe, planning to meet me back at the car. After going around the peninsular I walked through the airport and was a km or two away from my starting point when the 16 km was up. I phoned Philip to pick me up and we went to a favourite cafe for a late lunch.

I enjoyed this walk today. The pace was an easy 7:19 km and average HR  133 bpm.

16 km Training Walk

Saturday, July 7, 2012

7 x 1 km with 2 min Recovery

I had been looking forward to this session after average 6 min/km in last Friday's speed work. I was hoping to better this by around 10 seconds.

I visited the dentist on Thursday morning and ended up having a difficult extraction that left me with stitches and on antibiotics. The dentist advised that I took it easy on Friday so I deferred my training to day.

We stayed up until about 2:30 am to watch the Wimbledon semi-final and had a bit of a late start to the day. I went out to walk just before mid-day. Since I am often slow to warm up in my sprints I walked 1.5 km before starting but  struggled to do better than 7:30 pace.

I put in a reasonable effort today but this is not shown by my results. It was an achievement to even complete the workout! I will go for an easy 16 km tomorrow and hope to pick up over next week once the drugs get out of my system.

My splits were: 6:15, 6:07, 6:06, 6:10, 6:09, 6:17, 6:26 for a total time of 43:30, an average pace of 6:13 and average HR of 153 bpm.

7 x 1 km with 2 min recovery

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

12 km with 2 x 5 min @ 20 km pace

I was feeling the effects of a pretty intense workout yesterday so I decided to take it easy today. I was slightly pushed for time so had an incentive not to be too slow.

I was surprised to find I was averaging around 6:45 even though my pace felt easy. I started one fast leg at the 2.5 km mark into a light wind. At the 6 km mark was average pace was 6:39 but I was tiring. My second fast leg was from the 8 km mark.  I managed maintain a reasonable pace to the end for an overall time of 1:20:59, average pace 6:45 and average HR 148 bpm. I was pleased with this and felt my form was good but I'm feeling quite tired now!

12 km with 2x 5 min @ 20 km

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

10 km Fartlek

One of my team scheduled a meeting for 1:00 pm - clearly not someone who knows my habit of long training walks in my lunch break. Never mind, I went out at 11:00 am instead which was a good move considering the number of school holiday scooters I had to dodge. I did not feel great out there today - a bit stiff after Sunday's walk I guess. My first 'sprint' km was pretty slow so that was not a good sign. Fortunately all the 500m sprints except the last were 3:00 or less which was my goal. The slower laps were sometimes a bit too slow but my overall time of 63:47 was pleasing. I can think of a number of races where my result was worse than this. My splits are below. Average heart rate 155 bpm, average pace 6:22/km.

3:27 + 2:56 = 6:24
3:12 + 2:56 = 6:08
3:28 + 3:00 = 6:28
3:20 + 3:00 = 6:20
3:24 + 2:56 = 6:20
3:23 + 2:59 = 6:22
3:24 + 2:55 = 6:19
3:29 + 2:59 = 6:28
3:22 + 3:05 = 6:27

10 km Fartlek

Monday, July 2, 2012

Three Workout Reports

Sunday 1 July - 16 km Training Walk

It was a cold but calm day - great conditions for walking. We drove into town and left the car near the bus depot. The plan was to walk 16 km to a cafe in Island Bay, have a leisurely lunch and read of the paper then catch the bus back into town and drive home.  After a good sprint session on Friday and a day off on Saturday I thought I would manage a good speed but it took all my effort to average 7:19. I think that the cold weather had ceased up my muscles. The harbour was stunning this morning and the open sea beautiful. We are so lucky to have such a great place to walk! My total time for 16 km was 1:57:04 for an average pace of 7:19 and average HR of 134 bpm.
16 km Training Walk

Friday 29 June - 3 x 2 km + 2 x 1 km with 2 min recovery

I did this workout in error the previous Friday when I was meant to do 5 x 1 km @ 80% effort. That day I held back and averaged 6:15/km so I was determined to do better than that this time.  I felt pretty good on the first two laps and was pleased to finish 4 km in 23:30. The return laps were into a strong wind which slowed me down significantly. I worked really hard, determined to average under 6 min/km and completed the 8 km in 47:59 - right on target! I had forgotten to hunt out my heart rate monitor so there is no HR reading for this workout.

3 x 2 km 2 x 1 km with 2 min recovery

Tuesday 26 June - 10 km Training Walk

This was a recovery walk after achieving a PB in the half marathon two days previously. (I realised my 20 km time in that event was 2:07:40 which is 2:06 better than my best time but not judged). My aim was for a gentle walk with good technique. It was a lovely day and I enjoyed my walk. It surprised me that I was quite loose despite the recent race. I must have left my heart rate monitor in my gear bag from the race when I put it away and didn't have time to hunt it out before heading to the train to get to work so there is no HR reading. My total time was 1:10:53 for an average pace of 7:05. It's not a great time but I had expected I could be slower than that.

10 km Training Walk