Friday, May 17, 2013

An Easy Week

Tuesday 14 May - 7.5 km Run

I really should have walked this but I was pushed for time so elected to run. My left knee was feeling a bit'crunchy'and my right hamstring had been quite sore for a while but I was able to complete the 7.5 km comfortably enough. My time of 42:58 was 26 sec longer than my time on Friday. I was a little disappointed but decided that two races on the weekend followed by a squash game and fitness training on Monday night could explain the reduced performance. I had forgotten to take my Garmin to work so there is no data for this run.

I have fitted in a couple of yoga classes, two more games of sqaush and a really interesting postural patterning class but unfortunately that has meant that I have not had time for any walking. I have two 5 km legs to do in the Race Walking NZ Ekiden relay on Sunday so I think could be a good idea to have a bread and give the hamstring a chance to repair.

Sunday 12 May - Masters Relay

My club has won this three-person relay for the pas 8 or so years. The club's best walker, Peter Baillie took the starting leg. The course is about 4.3 km on a mixture of road, foot path, playing field, longer grass and bush track.

One of our teams had only one walker, 86 year old Peter Tearle, who had traveled over the hill from Masterton. Peter Baillie and I decided to do an extra lap each to make up this team. That meant that Peter would start the second lap for Peter Tearle's team whilst I was doing the second lap for our team. My biggest fear was that he would catch up with me before I finished my lap.

Fortunately I had a break of around 10 minutes before having to start my extra lap. I finished my first lap in around 25 min and the second lap in about 26.5 min for an overall pace of 6:29 min/km and average HR of 158 bpm. That's not a bad pace considering the race the previous day and the difficult terrain of this event.

Once again the Scottish team won the event. Our third walker was Geoff Ironmonger.

It was a stunning calm, sunny autumn day - somehow it always seems to be like that for this event.

Wellington Masters Relay

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Chocolate Race - 6 km Walk

My estimate for the past few years has been too slow but I went for a run yesterday and didn't think I could achieve last year's pace. I settled on 36:11 which I figured would be a big challenge. Part way through I felt I could be as much a two minutes over my estimate so it was a surprise to hear a time of 36 something when I crossed the line. I was told I was 14 seconds slower than my estimate but I didn't think it was 36:25 that was called. I was awarded a cake of chocolate for being the woman closest to her estimate. I hope that was correct.

Watches are against the rules in this event so there is no Garmin data.

Friday 10 May - 7.5 km Run

I have entered the Powerade challenge which claims to be 8 km but is actually almost exactly 7.5 km. There is no way to indicate that you are a walker so I wanted to show that I could do this in faster than walking pace. There was a very strong cold southerly wind blowing and for most of the run I was wishing that I had not gone out in short sleeves.

I was pretty happy with my time of 42:30 for an average pace of 5:40 and average HR of 143.

7.5 km Run

Wednesday 8 May - 7.5 km Walk

I organised to do the Powerade course with my daughter. It was a calm, sunny day but unfortunately Hannah had worn track pants and a work top, expecting me to walk at her walking pace. She jogged along with me for the first few km but dropped behind when she got too hot. I slowed down a bit to give her a chance to catch up so this was not my best effort.

I completed the walk in 53:26 for an average pace of 7:06. I misplaced my HR monitor briefly so wnet without it for this walk.

7.5 km Walk

Sunday 5 May - Nelson Half Marathon

I combined a visit to family and friends with this event. It was great that Philip was able to bring his 88 year old mother to cheer me on at the finish line. The course was largely flat and involved two laps along the Whakatu walkway on the Waimea Estuary and back along the railway reserve. There were lots of autumn leaves so it was a very scenic race. The forecasted rain did not appear until after I finished which was lucky for me.

I was first woman and third overall in a time of 2:18:12 for a pace of 6:32 and average HR 160 bpm. I have enjoyed the wine I received as a finisher and my looking forward to finishing the two bottles received as my prize.

Nelson Half Marathon Walk

Wednesday 1 May - 10 km Training Walk

It was a lovely day and I walked well.

1:06:13 - average pace 6:37, average HR 146 bpm

10 km Training Walk

Friday 26 April - 4 hour Tramp

We walked up Mount Holdsworth to just above the bushline. The view was great and the bush was lovely. I will come back again when it is less windy and get right to the top. I did not wear the Garmin.

Thursday 25 April - 10 km Race for Child Cancer

This race starts and finishes at a country hall and goes around a rural block. I did this a few years ago in 63 minutes so was pleased to do 61:45 for an average pace of 6:10 an average HR of 162. I finished in first place after young Stuart Hood pulled out with an injury.

Carterton 10 km Race 

Tuesday 23 April - 10 km Training Walk

1:12:28 for an average pace of 7:13 and average HR 130.

10 km Training Walk

Saturday 20 April - Peter Tearle Handicap Race

I didn't wear my Garmin for this event. I am surprised at the pace recorded and wonder if the distance was accurate. I started second to last and the chase certainly helped me to generate pace. I knew I was under 6 min/km for the first lap but I didn't maintain this the whole time.It's likely the distance was shorter than the results suggest but I am pleased with my pace regardless of this.

5.38 km 32:45 average pace 5:55

Friday 19 April - 8 km Training Walk

55:27 - Average pace 6:56 average HR 140

8 km Training Walk

Tuesday 16 April - 9 km training Walk

1:05:52 average pace 7:19, average HR 126 bpm

9 km Training Walk

Sunday 14 April - Training walk

We walked from home to Karori through Wilton's Bush and back through the Karori Cemetery and back into Wilton's Bush. There was a coffee stop somewhere along the way and I didn't stop my watch every time  we stopped so the time and pace are meaningless.

Training Walk 

Thursday 11 April - Training walk with hill

I discovered that I can race walk the whole time on one route home up the hill. I am trying to do this regularly to build up strength. It is slow but worthwhile.

8.35 km 1:03:26 average pace 7:36, average HR 124

Training Walk with hill

Sunday 7 April - Moonshine Half Marathon

This event is mostly off-road with a steep hill. I was going well for the first 8 - 9 km on the flat but was definitely flagging towards the end. The second place getter appeared on my shoulder about 2 km from the end which prompted me to dig it in and make a better finish.

2:38:10 average pace 7:29, average HR 147

Moonshine Half Marathon

Saturday 6 April - 1 hour club walk

I walked at an easy pace with Ian from the club down to the Island Bay shops and back. This was when I learned about the race the following day. I didn't have my Garmin on me.

Monday 25 March - Training Session with Jim

We got up early to get to the aiport for 6:00 am to catch a flight to Melbourne thenh hired a car and headed out to Geelong. When we got to the track at the appointed time a hgh school ahtletics sports was in progress. Fortunately it finished shortly after we arrived and we could get on to training. I found the session excellent and was walking much better at the end despite my tiredness.

We headed off to Lorne and a holiday along the Great Ocean Road to Adelaide and the Clare Valley.

Sunday 24 March - NZ Track & Field 20 km walk

This course was always going to be a challenge for me with three tight turns and a hill every lap. I had one card at the 8 km mark and this did not change at 9 km. I was therefore surprised and disappointed to be pulled off before finishing that 10th lap. I'm sure my technique is getting better and better and ever hopeful of getting past the judges at a national 20 km event some time soon.

9.43 km, 1:01:08:average pace 6:29, average HR 157 bpm

NZ Track & Field Champs - 20 km Road Race

Friday 22 March - NZ Track & Field 3 km Track Walk

Jim advised me to go for it in this race but I couldn't help holding back a little trying to make sure I got past the judges and kept something in the tank for the 20 km on Sunday. It was disappointing after the race only to be told that no-one was disqualified but not to get any details of cards and warnings. I saw only one warning. I finished 5th in my event - not a bad result!

18:03 average pace 6:00, average HR 166 bpm

NZ Track & Field Champs - 3000 m Track Walk

Wednesday 20 March - 4 x 1 km @ 85% effort

6:22, 6:02, 6:01, 5:57 average pace 6:05, average HR 160

4 x i km at 85% effort

Sunday 16 March - 1 hour Track Race

1 Hour Race

Wednesday 13 March - 6 x 1 km with 2 min rests

Tuesday 12 March - 8 km Training Walk

8:08 km 1:12:45 average pace 9:00 min/km average HR 127 bpm

Sunday 10 March - 20 km Training Walk

2:37:16 Average pace 7:42, average HR 110 bpm

Friday 8 March - 20 km Training Walk

This walk involved quite a bit of uphill and downhill - more about strength than speed.
2:39:30 Average pace 7:58, average HR 130 bpm