Thursday, December 20, 2012

Big Catch Up

I have been away walking the Milford Track but I have been training and racing. It is writing this blog that I have been struggling to get to!

Wednesday 19 December - 18 km Training Walk

I was undecided at the start whether I would do the 20 km walk or the 12 km with 2 x 5 min at 20 km pace. I did one fast km from the 1.5 km mark then decided on doing the 20 km. I ran out of path after 9 km so turned around. I was averaging 6:55/km up to the 15 km mark which was good in the moderate wind. The next three km were difficult and I started to tie up so there was no point in doing the last 2 km. I put in a good effort and was pretty tired afterwards.

2:05:39  average pace 6:57 min/km  average HR 145 bpm

18 km Training Walk

Sunday 16 December - 3000 m Track Race

The race today was on a grass track and there was a strong wind blowing. It was meant to be a 5 km race but the organisers took pity and reduced it to 3000 m. I received two warnings and some valuable feedback from the judges.

18:44 average pace 6:17 per/km average HR 157 bpm

3000m Track Race on grass

Friday 14 December - 10 km Training Walk

The Garmin ran out of charge after 640m so I judged the 10 km on past experience.  I didn't start my normal watch so don't actually know how long it took me. There was a strong gale blowing and I struggled to make progress into it on the way back. This must be good for me - right?

Tuesday 10 December - Long Walk Home

I have been busy at work and not able to get out during the day as I often as usual. Walking home seemed a good solution but I wanted to do 10 km so I took a round about route. Khandallah is up the hill from town so I was not race walking the whole time.

10.62 km  1:24:06  average pace 7:55 min/km  average HR 125 bpm

Long Walk Home

Sunday 8 December - 17 km Training Walk

I walked into town from home. I knew it would not be a fast walk due the hilly start. The distance was a bit random stopping when I got to my lunch cafe.

17.34 km  2:12:16  average pace 7:38 min/km average HR 120 bpm

17 km Training Walk

Saturday 8 December - 5 km Road Race

Originally it was planned that I would do a 10 km record attempt this day since I clicked over into a new age group the day before. I called that off since I hadn't put in enough training and didn't want the officials to give up their time for a sub-par performance. I was quite pleased with my results over the 5 km, particularly finishing without getting any cards. 30:27 average pace 6:06 min/km, average HR 164 bpm

5 km Race

Thursday 6 December - 12 km Training Walk

1:22:49 average pace 6:54 min/km average HR 145 bpm

12 km Training Walk

Thursday 29 November - Sunday 2 December - Milford Track

There is no Garmin data for this walk. My sister invited her family to join her on this famous walk to help celebrate her 60th birthday. We chose the guided walk option with 10 of the 34 on the walk being in our group. (My sister was joined by her husband, her daughter, 3 sisters, 1 brother, god-daughter and two friends). We walked around 54 km over 3 days. It rains 200 days of the year in this area so we did well to have mostly fine weather.  The scenery was stunning and I have heaps of photos of watefalls.

Wednesday 28 November - 12 km Training Walk

I arrived in Queenstown, settled into the apartment where we were spending the night then headed off for my walk. I was keeping a good pace but ran out of footpath after about 3.5 km. I came across a walking track and decided to follow that. It was scenic but not flat so my pace slowed right up. It was hot and sunny and I stopped at a bar to beg for a glass of water on my way back.

1:29 average pace 7:25 min/km average HR 141 bpm

12 km Training Walk

Tuesday 27 November - 5 km Waterfront Race

30:47  average pace 6:09 min/km, average HR 161 bpm

5 km Waterfront Race