Sunday, November 10, 2013

New Garmin, New Laptop

I lost my old Garmin after the Ekiden Relay in May and managed by using my watch and the waterfront distance markers for the past six months. I have done pretty well at maintaining a steady pace through my events without the aid of constant reporting but wanted the extra help for the Long Distance Champs next weekend.

I was pleased to go under 2:10 for the 20 km Wellington Champs with little interest from the judges and I'm looking for a similar result on Saturday.  The past four years I have been DQ'd in the Long Distance Champs so let's hope all my hard work will pay off with a positive result this year.

Previously I had to write my blog on Philip's PC which was a cause of some issues. We recently replaced my old PC with a laptop which I can now use for updating this blog. I don't intend to write the blog after every training but will try to update things once or twice a week.

Today I walked into town. 8 km was training but I continued for another 1.5 km to get to Rebel Sport to buy some new compression tights.

8 km Training Walk