Saturday, April 5, 2014

Marathon Training

This is the first time I can remember walking 7 days in a row - a total of 94.5 km. The speed today wasn't great but my body seems to be holding up well.

My daughter Hannah has a dislocated tendon in her ankle that needs an operation to reattach it. In the meantime walking is the only exercise she can do so she decided to walk with me this morning. I would have tried to average 7:30 - 8 min/km but Hannah's pace was 10 min. When she got picked up at the 13 km mark I picked up the pace for a while but my last 10 km was pretty slow. Some of that was due to the terrain but I was definitely tiring as well. The legs need a bit more conditioning for me to do a good time on the marathon.

32 km Training Walk  Average pace 9:05 min/km, average HR 100 bpm

Friday 4 April - 6.5 km

6.5 km Training Walk  Average pace 7:20 min/km, average HR 125 bpm

Thursday 3 April - 13.8 km

13.8 km Training Walk  Average pace 7:16 min/km, average HR 128 bpm

Wednesday 2 April - 6.5 km

6,5 km Training Walk  Average pace 7:25 min/km, average HR 117 bpm

Tuesday 1 April - 14 km Tempo Walk

3.5 km slower, 7 km race pace, 3.5 km slower

14 km Tempo Walk  Average pace 7:06 min/km, average HR 134 bpm

Monday 31 March - 6.5 km 

6.5 km Training Walk Average pace 7:25 min/km. I forgot to pick up my heart rate monitor that day

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