Monday, April 21, 2014

10 km Training Walk

The sun was shining and the sky blue when we woke up this Easter Monday. We decided to go for a pre-breakfast walk since yesterday's was so enjoyable. It was a different route today with steeper hills than the previous walk but the time went quickly. 72:22 for 10 km for an average pace of 7:14 min/km and average HR of 125 bpm.

10 km Training Walk

Sunday 20 April - 8 km Fartlek

We were surprised to awaken to a fine morning since the weather forecast was for a pretty grim day. It seemed a good idea to get out early so we headed off before breakfast.  My first km was supposed to be fast but it took the body a bit to warm up so it was not sprint pace. On the outward leg most of my sprints were on downhill patches which made for some good times but the opposite was true on the way back. It did show me that attempting to sprint on the hills helps to get up them more easily rather than slowing to a plod. Philip thought it was 10 km to the Prices Road corner but it proved to be only 8.7 km. Average pace 6:36 min/km, average HR 142 bpm.

3:36 + 2:59 = 6:35
3:33 + 2:53 = 6:26
3:24 + 2:59 = 6:23
3:28 + 3:00 = 6:29
3:24 + 3:18 = 6:42
3:00 + 3:26 = 6:26
3:20 + 2:57 = 6:17

8 km Fartlek

Friday 18 April - 32 km Training Walk

We decided to head cross country from Rosedale to Mapua to keep away from the main roads as much as possible. The route was undulating and we had some issues with a flooded bypass under the main highway but it was a very enjoyable day. The weather was showery and we were lucky to arrive home shortly before a heavy downpour. The Garmin stopped working at 27 km and did not show our increased pace as we neared the end. Walikng is such a great way to see the countryside!  Average pace 9:34 min/km, average HR 98 bpm.

32 km Training Walk

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