Tuesday, May 20, 2014

10 km Training Walk

I had to work hard today to make an average pace of 7 min/km and yet I averaged that quite comfortably for the whole Rotorua marathon. I guess it's because I'm recovering from two races over the weekend as well as the recent marathon.

It was a lovely day and there were lots of people out running.

Sunday 18 March - Ekiden Relay 10 km Leg

I probably walked a bit fast the day before so I wasn't able to give my best performance this day. I was however impressed by the support I received and the positive comments on my style. I thought I'd got through without any cards or warnings but there was one card up after I finished. My time of just over 64 min wasn't great but I was happy with it/

Saturday 17 March - Chocolate Race

In this event the winner is the person who finishes closest to their estimated time. I didn't want to go flat out because of the relay race the following day so I decided on an estimate of 37:48 for the 6 km. I was thinking of 6:30 per km but knew I would probably go a bit faster than that. Watches are banned but you are told the time at half way. I was pleased to find that I was just 3 seconds slower than my estimated pace. I put a little more effort in and a sprint at the end and finished in 37:50 - just 2 seconds slower than my estimate. I was both first to finish and the closest to my estimate. My prize was a tasty cake of chocolate which Philip and I enjoyed over the next couple of days.

Friday 16 March - 8 km Training Walk

I had in mind to do a kickdown walk this day but I seemed to get faster very quickly. I was quite surprised at the pace I managed with relative ease, an average pace of 6:35. I'm not sure this was a good idea with two races to do over the weekend.

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